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  • $7.49 Special Discount (Read Below!)
  • The Original Teen Sex Site
  • Videos Shot In 2K
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  • Over 7,400 Scenes


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18 Only Girls is the original HD teen sex site. Since their humble beginnings they have blossomed into a gigantic porn company with lots of solo models and hardcore sites under their belt. To make things easier and cheaper for you they have placed all of the sites into the 18 Only Girls discount members area. And now they are giving you an even sweeter deal!

But first, let’s take a look at what you get for joining.

The videos are all shot in 2K HD these days and the pictures are 12,000 pixels! You can zoom and zoom and zoom and still have more room to zoom in on these girls. (And we all know which part of the girls you will be zooming in on, you sly dog you!)

Videos are uploaded into the members area in WMV, MP4, HD, SD, h.264, Iphone, Android and more formats to make sure you can play them no matter who you are or where you are at. Provided you have an internet connection of course, or have downloaded them to your playback device.

Downloads are very fast and streams play well without skips or hiccups.

So how about that extra discount?!?!

You will notice on the join page that it says $19.95 is the lowest monthly price. Hit your browser’s back button and it will popup a notice asking you if you want to save even more. Click yes and it will then reload the page with $17.95 as the lowest price. This is as low as it goes folks!

That was as low as it went… Now you can join for a year with this same trick and get as low as $7.49 per month!